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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Petite Modeling...when will it take off?

Calling all models, photographers, designers...when will fashion begin to accept petite models into their world? As an aspiring model, it's been a rough ride trying to make it in Canada... Besides the fact that I'm well below the average height requirement (5'3") and in a market that barely exist in Canada's 3rd largest Metropolitan.

Some might say that there are opportunities for models in western Canada. But the type of modeling I personally want to pursue is fashion, editorial and print. Not too much to ask for, is it? I've noticed the type of work that is available in central & western Canada for petite models is mostly promotional modeling. And once in a blue moon, those who had a chance to do a shoot for commercial or stock, might make it in local magazines or ads. What if a girl like me wants to walk the runway or be in an editorial spread? You can't make it there unless you're represented by a recognized agency. And what are these agencies requirements to even glance at your comp card or portfolio? You guessed it, you gotta be over 5'7", even for commercial work (of course, I'm only talking about models who are over 17 years old).

Sure, there are small fashion shows around that allow all types of girls to represent their line. But what I'm talking about is high-end fashion and seeing petite models in editorial spreads around the world. Just like plus size models, why can't there be petite models that walk the runway in New York, or in Paris?

I met a model named Giesele about a year ago. She is located in L.A (Cali, NY...you name it, she's there!) and is absolutely fabulous. Majority of her work are editorial. She is literally living my dream. And guess what? She is my exact age and height. I have also been told that if I want more work and advance my career in modeling, I need to relocate (meaning, get the heck out of Canada). Due to personal reasons, I decided to stay. Then after doing a shoot in Miami last year, I noticed the reasons why I should've. There are way more opportunities to work with amazing photographers, and more work to go around. If you meet the right photographers you'd notice that they're on a different caliber. The opportunities there seems endless, but the downside is that more opportunities = more driven models = more competition.

So, what do you think needs to be done for petite models to be part of this fashion world, especially in Canada? Considering the average female height in Canada and U.S. is approximately 163 cm (5'3.4"), it only makes sense to have petite models in this world. Even though there is a growth of petite models in the U.S., it's definitely not happening fast enough. At this rate, the trend won't reach Canada for another 20+ years!

Image credits: Tim R., MaxAms.


roentarre said...

Beautiful speech. It is a bit hard to change the trend of glamour fashion though ...

~B said...

Thanks for your comment! It is hard to change this trend...but what can models do when they want to pursue this road?

Vantunes said...

Hello ~B!

I am Max! I like your blog, it is soooo cool!
I am petite as well, and people used to tell me that I should be a model...of course I used to laugh, cause models usually are huge (I'm 5'2)!
However petite models could work for commercials, and photo ads...

Anyway, great post!



poppyseedmuffin said...

Ugh It's not fair is it? Someone I know got discovered walking around NYC, and she was on a few covers of clothing magazines. It's definitely not an objective business, there's no clear-cut stereotypical model... the stick-skinny, the plus size, the petite one. It's pretty much whether they like you or not. I also saw this one episode of The Parker (a show about a hotel business) where a designer himself was photographing a collection, and hired the lawn keeper to be in his collection. It's luck.

~B said...

Thanks so much Max! I'm glad you enjoyed my blog!
Yes, there are commercials & print ads available for shorter models, but it's still quite hard to find these gigs (at least from where I'm at) because they still prefer models over 5'7". Even when you contact local agencies, they want 5'7" models even for commercial print. Maybe I should start my own modeling agency for petite models and show what we can do even if we are petite! =)

ashleyw said...

I know this is a bit late but i was just searching for petite modeling work and came across this. I too am 17, 5'3 and live in western Canada! i'd love to be a model but again there isn't much market for petite modeling.
You should start your own agency haha

Anonymous said...

I know this is a bit late but i was just searching for petite modelling work and came across this. I too am 17, 5'3 and live in western Canada! i'd love to be a model but again there isn't much market for petite modelling.
You should start your own agency haha