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Saturday, September 1, 2007

What is Love?

"When you truly care and love someone, you'd have their best interest at heart and ensure that they know through the ups and the downs, you will always be there, no matter how difficult the situation he or she may be going through. You'd respect their thoughts, opinions, feelings - everything, because you love them, and for some, you'd love them more than yourself.

What I don't understand is, how could a person still say they care and love you, after the lies & deceptions they have put you through? Especially when they've expressed to you they loved you with their heart and soul? Did they really love you to that level....or even loved you at all? I used to think so, but now I don't know what was real....

When someone has been in your life for awhile, especially when you've given all of you (mind, body and soul) because you believed in them and in your relationship.... can that love be ignored and think that it was never really there? Or was it only a figment of your imagination?

Back then, love to me was unconditional; willing to give your entire being; love is an appreciation of that sacrifice, a promise not to misuse it and a willingness to return it.
Now, I'm also wondering if it's just a state of mind....and since most minds are either in a state of confusion or state of denial...."

I wrote this a couple years ago, right after I had gotten out of an intense relationship. Everything I thought I knew at the time, had fallen apart. I was devastated because for the first time in my life, I had made future plans with someone I had cared about deeply.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what love is to you.


Bajanbreeze said...

After reading your posts I felt the need to respond to your question. I was recently in a relationship that did not work out and afterwards I felt as though my heart was ripped out of my chest -especially after I found out the man I loved had been deceitful for an entire year.

To be completely honest - God is Love and he loves unconditionally. We think we know what love should be, but many times people aren't willing to take the time to find out what love is in any relationship. I don't think Love hurts and make you cry and for some they use the word LOVE very loosely and without any real meaning, or feelings with it.
For me, "Love has no acquaintance with distrust, hurt, and disrespect.
Best regards,

Becca said...

Hi BB,

Thanks for your comment. It makes it all worthwhile for me to share my thoughts and experiences when I receive comments like yours.

I agree that God's love is unconditional as well. After going through that relationship, I realized that sometimes people do use the word LOVE too loosely and don't acknowledge the real meaning behind this 4 letter word. Or at times, people get blinded in their relationships and not see the real picture.

What I know is that from every situation we go through, there's a lesson in each one of them. It's up to us to recognize those lessons and learn from them.

Thanks again.

Bajanbreeze said...

Thanks for visiting and yes it's always great to have another Christian to blog with...LOL I'm new to the world of blogging myself and I loveee it so far.

Bajanbreeze said...

Most definitely there is a lesson we need to learn from each situation - unfortunately many of us dont' even think about that aspect and we end up doing the same thing over and over BUT then one day the light bulb goes off over our heads and we're like "wait a minute didn't I do this thing before (deja-vu)". Some of us wake up and head in the other direction or some keep going in the same desolate direction.
This is why I have to "Thank Jesus Christ who is my Lord and Saviour " for saving me from my own destruction. He brought me out of bondage and I am set free because of his unconditional love for me....praise God because he is worthy to be praised forevermore.
Becca, trust God with every area of your life and let him be #1 always.
Best regards,

Winter Dove said...

I am so sorry for your pain, there is none like that of a heartache.

Seven years ago I had my heart broken wide open by 2 people I loved very much, my bestfriend and my husband. They are still together.

I learned about forgiveness at an incredibly deep level. God gave me comfort and strength through it all although it was anything but easy for about a year and a half. I learned about acceptance, trust in God and patience for His timing.

I know now that God had special plans for me to help others and to bless me in ways I could not have imagined back then.

Through all my trials in life I have drawn closer to God. He will always take our pain and bring good from it. I have been blessed to comfort others who are going through similar circumstances in their lives. (I have survived so much more than this and God is using it all for His glory) I am so blessed to know how it feels to be used by God. No other joy on earth compares.

God Bless you and know that our Lord has wonderful plans for you, far greater than you can imagine!

~B said...

Hi Ladies,
Thanks for your beautiful words and sharing your stories. WinterDove, I can't even imagine something like that happening to me...It's good to see how strong a person can be with God by their side. I wish you all the best.

Churie said...

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